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Case Results

Case Results for White, Cirrito & Nally, LLP

Long Island commercial, personal injury and family law attorneys with a record of success

The following is a sampling of case results and verdicts and settlements we are proud to have obtained for our clients. From personal injury settlements, to municipal law, land use and zoning decisions, and business law settlements, we put our knowledge and experience to work on behalf of our clients and we get results.

At White, Cirrito and Nally, LLP, Attorneys at Law in Hempstead, we have a combined 75 years of experience successfully representing landlords and tenants in real estate disputes. Phone us now for an initial consultation at 516-292-1818 or contact us online.

Reported cases

Personal Injury Litigation

  • Successfully prosecuted action by cargo handler injured at work and obtained a $4.3 million settlement for client.
  • Received $1 million verdict for bus driver injured in motor vehicle accident.
  • Received liability verdict for deliveryman injured on fall on snow and ice that was subsequently settled for $950,000.
  • Received $1 million settlement for truck driver injured by forklift.
  • Received liability judgment and subsequent $900,000 settlement for injured client who fell from scaffold.

Municipal Law and Insurance Litigation

  • Successfully defended client accused of discrimination of plaintiff by reason of religion and political affiliation and obtained award of attorneys’ fees for defendant.
  • Successfully prosecuted insurance company’s failure to pay homeowner for property damage caused by defective construction and affirmatively received order permitting suit on grounds of bad faith and refusal to honor the provisions of an insurance policy.
  • Successfully defended housing authority on claim of racial and family composition discrimination and was ultimately granted eviction of complaining tenant.
  • Obtained verdict that homes for adults are entitled to obtain repossession of the residential units where occupants violated house rules.

Business Law and Transactions

  • Obtained over $6 million verdict for shareholder in combined derivative/dissolution proceeding of closely held family corporation in which plaintiff alleged that he was forced out of power by offending relative shareholder with an award of attorneys’ fees and interest.
  • Obtained dismissal of lawsuit brought by corporation alleging employees who left improperly took trade secrets and customer lists.
  • Obtained reversal of real estate and business transactions undertaken by judgment debtors in violation of the New York State Debtor-Creditor Law and executed successful judgment against transferred assets.
  • Obtained judgment awarding client return of security down payment on commercial lease, plus interest and attorneys’ fees for landlord’s noncompliance with lease terms, and successfully pierced the corporate veil to obtain the payment of the judgment after the property was transferred to a related party.
  • Obtained verdict in Appellate Division that a stipulation required closely held corporation to make payment to plaintiff in derivative action without withholding of payment for taxes.

Land Use and Zoning

  • Reversed decision by Village that prevented gas station owner from having a convenience store as an ancillary use.
  • Successfully obtained variance for construction of a 100-unit apartment building in a mixed commercial and residential zone.
  • Obtained variance for 66-unit condominium complex in residential zone.
  • Obtained grants for numerous subdivisions of oversized lots for construction of commercial and residential structures.
  • Obtained variance to construct a 200-bed assisted living facility on former hospital grounds.

Cases of Interest for White, Cirrito & Nally

  • Alagappan v. Jaffer, 157 AD2d 687, 549 NYS2d 786
  • Cadle Company v.Organes Enterprises, Inc., 2 AD3rd 927, 815 NYS2d 732, 2006 NY Slip Op. 04227
  • Colombo v. Merchants Insurance Group, etc., 28 Misc.3rd 1221(A), 2010 WL 3211131
  • Ehrlich v. Incorporated Village of Sea Cliff, 95 AD3rd 1068, 945 NYS2d 98
  • Ehrlich v. 100 Roslyn Avenue LLC, et. al., 389 Fed. Appx. 59, 2010 WL 3125389 (CA2 [NY])
  • Estevez, et. a. v. EB110 Realty Corp, 862 NYS2d 817, 19 Misc.3rd 1116(A), 2008 WL 927958 (NY Supp.)
  • Freeport Housing Authority v. Stewart, 20 Misc.3rd 1139(A), 872 NYS2d 690
  • Hair Say LTD v. Salon Opus, 6 Misc.3rd 1041(A), 800 NYS2d 347, 2005 WL 697538 (NY Supp)
  • Rodriguez, etc. v. Estevez, et. al., 79 AD3rd 513, 913 NYS2d 74, 2010 NY Slip Op 09088
  • Surf Manor Home for Adults v. Edenbaum, 18 Misc.3rd 1104(A), 856 NYS2 26
  • Tulip Gardens v. Zoning Board of Appeals of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead, 30 Misc.3rd 1238(A), 926 NYS2d 347, 2011 WL 923496 (NY Supp)


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